Maurizio Loche and Fidelis International: A collection of lawyers across the globe

I just received another email from an Italian lawyer, Maurizio Loche – from Loche International Law – regarding an Oil and Gas participation agreement for one of his clients and thought for a moment – “how did we meet?”
Well, that’s easy. We met thru Fidelis – a global association created by Jonathan Silverman at Silverman Sherliker.  It never ceases to amaze me what a blessing it is to meet other lawyers in other parts of the world thru the kindness of strangers.  So, thanks Jonathan and Maurizio.

May I present Maurizio’s practice:



Loche International Law Firm is a law firm that operates in Italy and in the UK in association with Silverman Sherliker LLP Solicitors. The Firm advises companies, individuals and public bodies, in Italy and abroad, in the following branches:

The firm is fully computerized and in step with new technology office.Through his connections in every part of the world with other law firms ( Fidelis International ), the Firm provides, both in court and out of court, legal support to those clients whose interests involve several jurisdictions.

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