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“Free tips”, “legal” documents!  Get your quote legal unquote documents.  You have heard the adds for Legal sounds like Room or something like Dog stock, for free or almost free legal documents.  Or maybe you prefer the comparison of “beer” – with quotes – and real beer. Or, buying your Rx drugs online? Afterall, many ailments you can treat yourself.  And when it comes to “legal” documents, why shouldn’t you just get them online? Well, many times you should. The only time you should not is when you want legal documents. If you want “legal” – note the quotes – you’re not getting legal documents because they tell you they aren’t legal advice, just tips. So when you want a tip, download for free. When you want legal advice. Find a lawyer.

Admission: I love these free “legal” document sites because when two people sign a document they think is the right document and end up in litigation, or when they think they’ve formed an LLC but call each other partners and one leaves and a problem arises, they often call me.  It would have saved them a small fortune if they worked with a lawyer from day one.

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**Disclaimer: Legal information is not legal advice. The employees or contractors of FREEDOCWEBSITE who wrote or modified any form, instructions, tips, comments, and decision tree alternatives and choices, are NOT providing legal or any other kind of advice, are not creating or entering into an Attorney-Client relationship, and were most likely NOT prepared or reviewed by an attorney licensed to practice law in your state, and, therefore, could not provide you with advice even if they or FREEDOCWEBSITE wanted to. 





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*I only provide legal advice. No non-legal tips. The real dealito. But of course, you and I have to have an engagement letter for you to get my free documents, that way I will stand behind them.