Branding Marijuana Extracts and Strains

Now that the Marley Family has come out with their own brand of Marijuana, says Rolling Stone Magazine, many growers and distributors want to brand their extracts and strains. Much has been written about the impossibility under current US Federal Law to obtain a US Federal Trademark for the actual bud or its progeny.   In this article by Kieran G. Doyle, the most significant take away is:

– Federal Trademarks that steer clear of the Controlled Substances Act can make it thru – (I provide a check list on how to do that in my post here) AND

– Go for State Trademark protection. After all, in the states that permit Marijiuana, a trademark can most likely be obtained.  So what are you waiting for?

California’s forms are here and

Colorado’s filing materials can be found here for example.

Although I am not a Colorado lawyer, I certainly can help you from here in Sunny California.

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