Legal Issues in the New Realm of Artificial Intelligence


So what are going to do with all of the data that we collect about ourselves? Maybe give the job to machines. Isn’t that one of the goals of artificial intelligence? In a word, yes.

(More Questions than answers)

1) Rules?

Are we in the realm of open source?

Privacy issues? Use and access of data across continents?

How will our US use of AI be impacted by having to comply with European Data Privacy laws?

Where is the machine operating? Effecting? Jurisdictional issues?

Contract law?

Labor laws? There is tremendous concern over displacing workers with machines.

2) Responsibility? 

What if the [recent] Cyberattack on our global infrastructure was committed by a machine?

It is a concern some seem to have had in this article:

Is artificial intelligence just software or even hardware created by a machine?

A machine creating a machine?

Who is responsible for a machine built to “commit” war? A crime?

This was the point of the below article and the open letter written by Musk and others:

I am not talking just moving money, stealing personal data, shutting down infrastructure, bio warfare, hacking.  I am talking about all of the above. 

3) Ownership?

  • What about the IP? Who owns the ip created by a machine?
  • Does it matter?
  • Who is responsible for the mistakes of a machine

I am troubled by the suggestion here that the law simply did not hold a manufacturer responsible when its machine hurt an individual because the manufacturer did after all follow regulations.

Feel free to email me with the legal issues that come into play when we discuss artificial intelligence.