Your Deal Is Mission Critical

Today’s transaction may be “the deal” for your Company. Without it, you wont have the money, the technology, the employee, the partnership. What happens once the deal is signed? Have you thought that through?

If you need a negotiator and a business advisor, consider someone who:

  • Knows the substance of the deal. Do they understand the context of the technology to your Company’s next move? Do they understand the implication of a liquidation preference on future rounds of equity?
  • Get’s along with the other side? The negotiation – and the investor, licensor, employee, partner, will likely be the first deep dive into the personality, decision making and thought process of your Company. Will your negotiator represent you? Have they taken the time to get to know your culture? Your way of doing things, so that they reflect you professionally, courteously, respectfully?
  • Do they micro-manage the deal? There is nothing worse than a negotiator/lawyer making a revision to every stylistic sentence. Is that the impression you want the other side to have after day one? After two weeks of negotiation?
  • Can they close the deal? And once they do, do they educate your team on how the deal will guide business? Do they put together an FAQ for team leaders ?
  • Post Deal Signing. Does your advisor help you align the document with your business? Not only is calendaring dates important. It is also important to understand the flow of info into your Company, between teams and the timeline for incorporating the deal points into the next milestones of your business plan.

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