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Forming A New Company –> go here for more info on these services

Messed Up Your Corporate Formation –> go here

A Corporate Officer sued as an individual


You Developed A New Business Or Are Bringing Your Business to the US 


And Need Help Validating How Much Money It Will Cost You To Make Your First $1mm 


You (or Your Team) Negotiate You Own Deals But You May Not Always Be Getting The Best Deal —> could you become a better negotiator? Go here to find out 


They Are Growing Their Services or IP Based Company and Need Help To Better Identify and Qualify Corporate Partners


A Competitor Might Have Infringed On Your IP

Do any of those problems resonate with you?  Shoot me an email and let me know what problems you are having with growth, your existing business partners and customers and competition. 

Gregory Rutchik is a uniquely qualified commercial transactional and litigation counsel.

For the past 20 years, he has represented business owners and individuals with varied simple and complex contracts & disputes. Gregory provides “wrap-around” legal services for his list of long-term clients, and has experience litigating diverse matters in both State and Federal Court and FINRA through disposition. Often the conversation with Gregory begins with a new business idea, problems with a competitor or strategic partnering or financing. He is often the second set of eyes on sensitive legal and non-legal matters. Problems that require a non-linear approach are the best fit for Gregory’s mind.

More on my background is here:

Gregory has worked as a solo practitioner for the past 10 years. He spent his earlier years with a New York firm, a large Silicon Valley firm, and in-house counsel of a publicly traded company. Gregory draws upon his experiences to exploit the levers that impact outcomes. Never afraid of a fight or confrontation, he is quick to see how to simply get the deal done. Gregory selects clients that appreciate individual, specialized attention that most lawyers at large firms simply cannot provide.

Gregory is fluent in Japanese, and has worked on import-export, cross-border technology transactions, international arbitrations, lobbying and governmental advocacy, as well as art brokerage.