Shareholder and Investor Representation

I represent shareholders and limited partners in various capacities.  Investor and shareholder clients include:

  • Founder(s) of an existing entity or founding partners
  • an early stage investor
  • preferred shareholders
  • managing members of an LLC
  • non-US corporate owners of US based entities
  • Trustees of a US based Trust
  • convertible debt holders
  • investors in a limited partnership to acquire real estate, or join a private equity fund
  • private equity fund general partners or managing members

Representing Shareholder clients requires looking at each client and their transaction with fresh eyes.  Each client has their own objective and their own level of involvement in an investment.

Some client’s require business advice regarding the information that their portfolio company is telling them.  Some clients engage their portfolio company management and request involvement in the formation of strategic transactions.  I am also asked to get involved with the negotiation of shareholder related and portfolio side commercial agreements – my investor clients demand involvement at that level from their investments.


If you require an advisor who can get into the specifics of your portfolio company’s business and advise you as a shareholder or board member, I would be happy to talk to you about how I can help.




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