Outside Counsel Services

I work with Company clients in diverse industries including Saas, Cybersecurity, Software development, biotech, systems on a chip, niche consultancies and professional services and even women’s fashion and food.

Clients that seek outside general counsel services often seek advice and services related to:

The Corporate Entity and Money Issues

  • Initial capitalization and financing thru equity or convertible notes to friends and family or accredited investors
  • Subscription Agreements related to equity and debt
  • Managing the cap table
  • Structure and negotiate deal between founding partners, shareholders
  • Formation of appropriate entity and qualifications in states where entity is doing business
  • Fixing problems with the Corporate entity
  • Federal securities exemptions and state securities filings
  • Interacting with Company CPA or bookkeeper

Consultants, Employees and IP

  • Consulting Agreements – cautioning against the risk of misclassification claims and interaction with Labor Counsel
  • Employee offer letters
  • Confidentiality, NDA’s, IP Assignments: Ensuring that Company’s obtain assignment or work for hire and enter into appropriate agreement with inside contractors, outside developers and third party strategic partners

Product Development and Third Party Suppliers:

  • Is your Company a Saas – that packages third party cloud based services OR a product Company that develops a product based on third party components, key IP or third party supply chain?
  • How do you address licensing and commercial agreements related to making, developing, testing, distributing and selling their products and services?


  • Sales Agreement negotiation and structuring related to revenue and revenue recognition


  • Advising Companies and Senior executives related to strategic hires, separation, “acquihires” and everything in between


  • Sales, acquisitions, spin outs and mergers
  • Managing and selecting outside counsel

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